1win bonus code1Win Casino is a platform that has managed to gain the trust of millions of users around the world. It is distinguished not only by interesting and diverse games but also by generous bonuses for its players. The bonus system is a set of various incentives and privileges available to both new and regular customers. For example, these can be cash funds, freespins, and so on.

Next, we will take a detailed look at 1Win bonuses in India, as well as the wagering requirements and other features.

What Permanent Bonuses Are Available at 1Win?

Permanent bonuses at 1Win Casino are offers that do not have an expiration date. That is, such a bonus can be received either today or in six months. The main thing is the fulfillment of certain conditions. Promotions, unlike permanent bonus offers, are valid for a certain time. Then they are replaced by new special offers. Below we will look at 3 permanent bonuses.

Welcome Bonus from 1Win Casino

The welcome bonus of 1Win India is an excellent opportunity for new players to increase their starting capital fivefold. To receive the gift, you need to register on the casino website and deposit funds into your gaming account. Each of the first four deposits will be rewarded. That is, cash funds will be credited to the bonus account. In the end, for the first 4 deposits, the player will receive 500%.

Important! The maximum size of the 1Win welcome bonus is 60 thousand Indian Rupees.

A certain amount will be credited for each separate deposit. Detailed information is presented in the table below.

Deposit NumberPercentage of Bonus from Deposit Amount
1st Deposit200%
2nd Deposit150%
3rd Deposit100%
4th Deposit50%

The welcome bonus is an excellent incentive for new players to start playing at 1 Win Casino. Players can afford to make larger bets and have more chances to win. Moreover, spending bonus funds, you can train and practice strategies on slots without the risk of losing your savings. That is, you can study the casino more thoroughly.

Cashback on the Website and in 1Win App

1Win Casino offers its players a unique opportunity to get up to 30% cashback on the funds spent over the last 7 days. This bonus gives players a chance to partially recover their losses and continue to enjoy their favorite slot machines without any limitations.

To receive cashback at 1Win Casino, you need to be a registered user and actively play on the site. The amount of the bonus depends on the sum of funds spent over the week and can reach up to 30%. The more you play and make deposits, the larger the amount you can recover. Detailed information is presented in the table below, we recommend reviewing it.

Cashback PercentageAmount of Bets in 7 DaysMaximum Cashback
1%950 $30 $
2%2 850 $40 $
3%4 740 $50 $
4%7 590 $80 $
5%9 490 $150 $
10%94 900 $200 $
20%189 790 $290 $
30%474 480 $490 $

One of the main advantages of this bonus is that there is no wagering required. This means you do not have to wager your bonus funds before they are credited to your gaming account. All the money received as cashback on the website and in the casino app becomes immediately available to you. You can even withdraw them directly to your personal accounts.

It should also be noted that cashback in 1Win online has no time limits. This means you can receive a refund of funds to your gaming account every week as long as you actively play on the site. However, if the total amount of your bets over the last 7 days was less than $950 (or the equivalent in another currency), then you will not be able to receive a refund.

Express Bonus from 1Win India Casino

Express bonuses at the casino are one of the most attractive opportunities offered to players. The principle of this gift from 1Win is quite simple. When making an express bet with no less than 5 events, the player is awarded an additional percentage to the amount of winnings. The more events in the express bet, the larger the additional payout the player can receive from their victory.

The percentage rate depends on the number of events in the express bet. Detailed information is presented in the table below.

Number of Events in ExpressAdditional Percentage of Profit
5 events7%
6 events8%
7 events9%
8 events10%
9 events11%
10 events12%
11 events and more15%

One of the main advantages of the express bonus at 1Win Casino is its flexibility and availability. Players can make express bets on various sports. That is, there are no restrictions on the bets placed. Bets can be made on absolutely any events, including those with low odds. However, to place bets and use the express bonus, you cannot use bonus money.

Promotions at 1Win Casino Online in India

Bonus Code for 1winPromotions at 1Win Casino are special offers provided to players of this online platform. By participating in promotions, one can receive free bets, additional credits, freespins (free spins in slot machines), or increased odds on certain sports. There are other rewards too, for example, recently 1Win gave away several iPhones and laptops.

Many promotions are centered around holidays or special events. For instance, on 1Win’s birthday, a special bonus may be offered to the player, and during major sports events (like the Football World Cup), one can get increased odds on bets. It is important to note that promotions at 1Win Casino are temporary, meaning they are available for a limited time only.

What are 1Win Tournaments and Why are They Needed?

Tournaments at 1Win India offer players an opportunity to test their skills by competing against others and vying for prizes. They are designed to add even more excitement and adrenaline to the gaming process. All participants have a chance to win prizes, which usually include cash, freespins, increased odds, and so on.

Important! Tournaments at 1Win Casino are open to all players, regardless of their category and level of gaming experience. This means everyone has an equal chance to participate and win, with the potential of receiving prizes.

Tournaments at 1Win vary in format and type of games. Depending on the player’s preferences, one can choose to participate in poker, roulette, blackjack, or slot tournaments. Each tournament has its own rules and specifics, which should be studied before participating. Several tournaments are offered daily, allowing players to choose their preferred competitions.

1Win Promo Code – Where to Find Them and How to Use?

1Win Bonus Code are special sets of characters provided to players for obtaining bonuses and privileges in the casino. Promo codes can be offered to both new players and regular users. The 1Win Bonus Code allows players to get additional bonuses: extra money, freespins, increased winning odds, and other opportunities.

Let’s consider where to get the 1Win promo code:

  • Official 1Win Casino website. On the casino platforms (including the 1Win app), promotions are regularly held where you can get promo codes. In the “Bonuses” section, you can learn about current offers and get the latest unique sequences of symbols and activate them immediately.
  • If you are registered on the casino site and subscribed to the newsletter, you can receive 1Win promo codes and special offers in your mail. It is important to keep an eye on emails from the gambling company to not miss interesting offers.
  • Partner and affiliate sites. Many partner sites cooperate with 1Win Casino and offer their users special promo codes. Look for 1Win bonus codes on such resources, but be cautious and choose trusted and verified web pages.
  • Social networks. 1Win Casino also actively uses social networks to disseminate information about their promotions and promo codes. Subscribe to 1Win online on popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can even turn on notifications to not miss anything.

Each 1Win India promo code has a limited validity period and can be used only once. This means that players need to be attentive and use codes in time to not miss the opportunity to get bonuses. Additionally, always check the code’s current validity. If you enter an expired code on the website or in the casino app, the system will show an error.


Next, we will answer several popular questions.

How to get the welcome bonus at 1Win Casino?

To receive the welcome bonus, you need to register on the platform and replenish your deposit.

Is there an affiliate program at 1Win Casino?

1Win India offers profitable terms for its affiliate program (payments for referred players). More details can be found on the casino’s website.

What conditions must be met to withdraw the bonus?

The conditions for withdrawing bonus funds depend on the specific bonus. Usually, it is necessary to meet the wagering requirements with a certain wager.

How to check my bonus account at 1Win Casino?

You can check your bonus account at 1Win Casino in your personal account, where detailed information about bonuses and their usage is available.

What should I do if I have problems with bonuses?

In case of problems with receiving or using bonuses, it is recommended to contact 1Win Casino’s support service for assistance.

Can I transfer bonuses to another player?

Bonuses at 1Win Casino are personal and cannot be transferred to another player under any circumstances.