Discrimination at drinking water site

stories-of-changeVillage: Dogakoharod,  State: Chhattisgarh

A: What has changed?

1. Youth have come forward to join the Samta Sainik Dal. They attend the meetings and support the work of the fellow.

2. A person has volunteered to become the local leader and along with the people they have selected a place where a library for children can be set up.

3. People are motivated to come together to organize community celebration of their revered figures.

4. On 12th August 2015 A Dalit girl from the Stanami community was alone at home as her mother was away to treat his ailing son to the city. A Kurmi boy from the dominant caste entered her home finding her alone and sexually molested her. The girl gave cries and the neighbors rushed in to catch the errant boy and beat him up. The community summoned the father of the boy and suggested that the boy now should marry the girl. The latter refused owing to the fact that the girl being from the untouchable caste, marriage was not possible. The local volunteer telephoned the fellow who visited the village and verified the fact. On inquiring as to why the complaint was not filed with the police the parents said that they were afraid to loose their honor as the matter would become public. The village Sarpanch cooperated and a criminal complain was filed against the boy. The boy was arrested and now is in the custody.

B: What has not changed?

Initially during the village visits the community members had said that they did not face any caste discrimination in the village but it was found that especially at the drinking water site the discrimination existed.

C: What has blocked the change?

The elderly people justify the practice of Untouchability as the preservation of traditions and therefore unwilling to change.

Story reported by Ms. Subhadra Dinakar


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