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Major programmes of Dalit Foundation:

Grants and Scholarships: Dalit Foundation provides group scholarships to individuals forming a group of four with religious, social and gender diversity working for the annihilation of caste through community organization at the grass-root level. This programme began in 2015. Thus far scholarships have been provided to 38 women and 34 men. The scholarships have been given in the following States: (1) Uttarakhand (2) Uttar Pradesh (3) Bihar (4) Orissa (5) Chhattisgarh (6) Jharkhand (7) Rajasthan (8) Gujarat (9) Maharashthra (10) Madhya Pradesh (11) Karnataka (12) Andhra Pradesh and (13) Telangana.

Programme for Training of Trainers: To ensure that the group SCHOLARSHIP program can be more effective and taking into consideration the need for Dalit Foundation to set up regional centres, a six month intensive program of training trainers has been put into operation as a pilot phase. Currently for the first batch we are hopeful to have 10 trainees.

Scholarship programme for Uttar Pradesh: Dalit Foundation has selected two Districts of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi and Jalaun to address the issue of Manual Scavenging and Primary education. This programme is totally supported by J R D TATA Trusts.

Dalit arts and culture programme: Dalit artists, time and again, face discrimination at one level or the other. Not only are they denied a platform to showcase their distinct art forms, but even when given an opportunity are sidelined by “popular art forms”. Dalit Foundation aims to promote and popularize Dalit art and provide a platform to Dalit artists to express themselves and make their culture visible.  In order to fulfill this objective the organisation provides scholarships to Dalit artists. In the pilot phase, three senior Dalit artists – two from the State of Bihar and one from Gujarat were awarded scholarships and provided capacity building trainings.

Capacity building workshops for fellows: Dalit Foundation has learnt from experience that creating environment where both the staff and can fellows from each other is an important factor to move forward. Currently Dalit Foundation organized a workshop for 10 days at the regular interval of every six months to provide enough time to reflect on the previous work, identify the challenges and strategies to move forward and to ensure that all the fellows work find synergy with one another.


Working for the empowerment of Dalit communities

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