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The Dalit Foundation pursues the world’s most important value – equality – and works to end the injustice of caste discrimination. By so doing, the Foundation works for the whole of humankind.

Barry Knight: Noted social scientist, Founder and Associate, CENTRIS, UK

Find out how you can inspire social change by supporting the Dalit Foundation.

You can support our work in India by donating as an individual or as an organisation. We value your contribution and will ensure that your donation is used in the most efficient way to benefit the Dalit communities we work with.

We are always looking for volunteers and interns, both from India and overseas, who can contribute their skills, expertise and time, and help to make a real impact on the projects that we are involved in.

Stay informed by reading about the tremendous achievements of our activists and their latest successes.

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Working for the empowerment of Dalit communities

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