Types of Capacity Building Programmes

We organize a number of other training sessions that cover the above stated subjects. These sessions are facilitated by an enriched panel of professionals and experts.

1. Project Selection Workshop:

The main objective of Project Selection Workshops is to explore the opportunities of mutual benefits between the Dalit Foundation and the applicant organisations along with selecting from amongst projects short-listed from all over India.

2. Perspective Building:

Perspective building workshops are held for new partners before the commencement of their projects. The purpose of the workshops is to identify the problems, understand and find solutions, develop strategies.

3. Review Workshops:

Review workshops include Advocacy Training to garner the support of Dalits and non Dalits alike; Training in Self Monitoring, Impact Assessment; understanding of Local Organizations, People’s Organizations, and Governance.

4. Legal-Aid Training Workshop:

The Legal-Aid workshops are Dalit Foundation’s attempt to build the legal capacities of our fellows and grantees. Training on Dalit human rights filing of RTIs Prevention of Atrocities on SC/ST Act 1989 and Rules 1995, and Domestic Violence Act is facilitated by legal experts and human rights activists.

5. Leadership Training for Dalit Women:

In order to enhance Dalit women leadership women partners are provided training on leadership, Dalit feminism and importance of women in the Dalit Movement. Women fellows are also trained in basic organizational requirements and needs such as registration, acquiring 80G and 12A.

6. Accounts Training:

The fellows and organizations we support belong to the grassroots and often lack expertise in areas like accounting, documentation and reporting which are essential to run successful development projects. The Accounts Training Workshops focus on accounting, transparency and NGO credibility. Training is imparted on basic book-keeping, internal control, income-tax, registration/prior permission, annual reporting, budgeting, documentation, FCRA, annual return (FC-3), etc. This workshop is facilitated by Accounts Aid.

7. Thematic workshops:

We are also in the process of starting workshops for partners based on issues such as land rights, manual scavenging etc.

8. Cluster Level Meetings:

In addition to the above mentioned trainings, partners shall also be involved in cluster level meetings that seek to connect fellows/organizations working in one geographical region or on a common issue, contributing to the enhancement of their capacity. These meetings provide an opportunity for collaboration and the development of an effective support system between partners of a particular cluster. The participants share their experiences, strategies and challenges, seeking solutions and innovative approaches towards various Dalit issues. Cluster level meetings are held at various locations for partners of a district/ several districts or a state depending on their number. Ideally a cluster level meeting brings together 7-15 partners.

9. Fundraising Workshops:

These workshops are specially for partners, who have either completed three years of partnerships with us or are about to complete. Skill development is done on ways that one can enhance their fundraising capabilities, and the importance of self sufficiency is highlighted.


Working for the empowerment of Dalit communities

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